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Diving Gear

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Serpent Aquatics Online Sales

aqualung-logoWe stock the Okanagan’s  best and largest selection of snorkel and scuba diving products.  We also carry training products for swimming, aqua fit exercise and iron man competition. When purchasing snorkel and scuba diving gear, let us assist you in your decision making.

Fit, comfort and having the right gear makes the sport enjoyable and safe.





No diver has everything they need. At Serpent Aquatics we carry a large selection of products to fill out you're dive kit. We...
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Boots, Gloves and Hoods
Wetsuit boots, gloves & hoods keep you warm in cold water. They also provide protection against the environment. Bare's E...
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Bouyancy Control Devices [BCD]
A buoyancy compensator is worn by divers to provide buoyancy both underwater and on the surface, allows the diver to achieve ...
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Cameras - Housings - Accessories
Capturing images underwater is getting easier. Explore the "Sealife" line of cameras, lights and accessories that use the lat...
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Clearance Products
We can't keep this gear forever - Check out the Great Deals on Quaility Prooducts.
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Compasses and Reels
Youll use your compass to find your way from one point to another, to navigate multi-leg routes of dive sites, and to find yo...
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Dive Computers
Today's diver uses at least one computer. Some divers use two in case one goes down! At Serpent Aquatics, our students learn ...
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Dive Gear Packages
Each Year the Manufacturers come up with incentive packages. This link includes the latest offerings. Great deals on great di...
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Dive Knives & Spearguns
A dive knife is one of the best accessories you can carry for safety and utility. When choosing a dive knife, the most import...
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Dive Lights
When most divers think about dive lights, they think about night dives and nothing else. The truth is that dive lights can...
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Dive Watches
A diving watch is a watch designed for underwater diving that features, as a minimum, a water resistance greater than 10 ATM,...
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Dry Suits
Our premier lines of Dry Suits include Bare and Whites products. If you have an interest in other Dry Suit product lines, let...
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We carry a great selection of fins for cold and warm water snorkeling and scuba diving. Youth to adult sizing in a variety o...
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Gear Junkie!
This catogory includes those"must have items" when you have everything else. Enjoy! And yes we either have them in stock or c...
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Kids Gear
Finding products suitable for youth is always a challege. We stock a great selection of products for youth of all ages.
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A mask opens the underwater world to you. If a mask has it's own aquarium inside you're not going to enjoy the experience. Wh...
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Metal Detectors
For as long as there has been people on the water, they have dropped valuables into the water. Underwater metal detectors ar...
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New Products
On this page you can find the latest products we've discovered and brought into our Dive Centre
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Paddle, Kite, Surf, Board and Ski
For the watersport enthusiast looking for comfort on the water! Paddlers, Surfers, Kiteboarders, Waterskiers.
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Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau invented the modern demand regulator. In 1943, they perfected the aqualung, which allowed a...
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Scuba Tanks
Divers either purchase cylinders or rent. Sometimes rentals are not available and you can't dive! We carry a great selection ...
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Snorkeling Packages
We carry a selection of complete snorkeling packages - some exclusive to the dive centre. Just a reminder - make sure it fi...
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Before the invention of the modern snorkel, divers used hollow reeds to help them breathe while swimming. This practice dates...
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Swimming Gear
For the swimmer training at a local pool or those who compete in outdoor events, we've got what you need. If your into Aqua...
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Travel and Gear Bags
Gear bags for Snorkelers and Scuba Divers.
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Wet Suits
A Wetsuit is usually made of foamed neoprene, provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy. The insulation p...
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