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Course Description

Take your "first breath underwater" in SCUBA STARS. This diving experience is all about having fun while learning skills for thesafe use of SCUBA.

Youth as young as five [six in community centre pools]get to breathe from an air tank with a regulator, while floating safely on the surface and viewing the underwater world below.

The SCUBA STARS two-dive program focuses of teaching kids the basics of safe diving practices. They'll learn Mask Clearing, Reg Clearing, proper techniques for swimming with fins, and the importance of good air consumption.
Participants can take each of the sessions separately, or complete the two-part program.

Serpent Aquatics offers the SCUBA STARS program year round through a number of poolfacilities in BC, as well and Okanagan Lake destination resorts during the July and August.


What is Scuba Stars?

Scuba Stars is a dive program developed by Sheldon Boyd for the use of SASY.
When SASY was introduced in 2000, there were no course outlines which lead to the development of SCUBA STARS.

SCUBA STARS is a TRADEMARK and COPYRIGHT protected product and recognized by PADI as a Specialty Course.

What is SASY?

SASY [SuppliedAir Snorkeling for Youth] is the term used to describe the SCUBA system used in the SCUBA STARS program.

What age do I have to be?

Kids ages five and over can use SASY. You should weigh at least 40 pounds/18 kilograms to properly fit the system.

How old is too old?

The SASY system will comfortably fit most kids up to their early teens. There is an adult version called SASA, or Supplied Air Snorkelling for Adults, so you're never too old to experience diving.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

You should be comfortable in the water. The SASY system's buoyancy along with fins and mask make your SASY experience safe, easy and enjoyable.

Who provides the gear?

Serpent Aquatics supplies all diving equipment. All you need is your bathing suit and towel. and a willingness to learn.

Who teaches SASY?

SASY is a sanction and insure activity provided by Scuba Diving Instructors with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Are there health concerns with the use of SASY?

SASY divers float safely on the surface and do not go to the bottom of the pool. Colds, allergies, congestion or controlled asthma are not an issue with the use of SASY, as long as no attempts are made to descend beneath the surface.

Parent/Guardians should discuss health concerns with the instructor prior to the SASY experience.

What are the requirements to participate inScuba Starsusing SASY?

Parents/Guardians must review, sign and hand in a Supplied Air Snorkelling Statement, Parti-cipant Record and Liability Release for each participant.

Is Scuba Stars a certification program?

Scuba Stars
has been recognized by PADI as a Specialty Course and participants who complete the two-dive program can apply for a PADI Specialty Course certification card for a $25.00 fee.
All participants receive Recognition Certificates for each of the two dive sessions and upon completion the Scuba Stars Adventure Book. The Scuba Stars "Adventure Book" provides education material, outlines the two-dive sessions and presents information on other youth diving opportunities.

What courses can my child take?

Youth ages 8 & 9 and over can particpate in the PADI Bubblemaker and the PADI Seal Team program. Youth age ten and over can participate in Discover Scuba, the PADI Seal Team program and the PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification course.

Bubblemaker, Discover Scuba and the PADI Seal Team are not certification programs. These programs are conducted in pools or confined [pool like] open water environments.

During July and August join us forScuba Starsat the following Premier Okanagan Resorts - Manteo Beach Resort - Casa Loma Resort - The Cove Lakeside Resort - Lake Okanagan Resort.