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How to Reach Us?

The first sight you’ll see on you’re left, when diving up to our PADI Dive Centre, is Haldane Boyle, a 6′ mannequin standing outside during store hours. Hal is a bit odd looking and his dive gear needs updating, but he’s working hard for us!

From Monday to Sunday, Serpent Aquatics is open to provide you with a variety of services. On Sunday’s, we are often out diving and you’ll find us if you join us at dive sites in Okanagan Lake or the surrounding area. We also offer dive charters out of Comox on Vancouver Island. Don’t worry we have staff who stay in the shop while we enjoy coastal diving….


Use our Facebook link to see what we are up to, what’s up next and to connect.


250.768.3335     1.877.768.3330

Serpent Aquatics • 2- 2413 Main Street • West Kelwowna BC • V4T 1H8 • Canada

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